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Upcoming Training
New Delhi MTCNA August 2016
New Delhi MTCWE September 2016
Training Type
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MTCRE - ( view outline)
MTCWE - ( view outline)
MTCTCE - ( view outline)
MTCUME - ( view outline)
MTCINE - ( view outline)
Custom Training
Blinknet is certified a training center of the Mikrotik.We organize trainings, which end with obtaining an official Mikrotik Certificate. Trainings are leaded by certified trainers with long-term experience in networking technology. Our training offer is addressed to both individual entities and companies. We operate throughout the country and across the globe in accordance with the needs of our customers. We also coordinate training regional languages apart from English and Hindi.
What distinguishes our company on the market?
High quality of services
Long-term experience
Competitive prices
The purpose of training:
Becoming familiar with the Router OS system, its capabilities, best practices and solving your problems in class in presence of other mikrotik users or experienced professionals. Providing comprehensive knowledge and experience about computer networks, including wireless networks. Preparing the student for the use of the RouterOS system, inter alia as:
Band limiter
PPPoE concentrator
Advanced firewall
Hot Spot Gateway
VPN Server
Any type of radio operating device in 802.11 standards
The benefits of training:
Exchange of experience between participants and the sharing the acquired knowledge.
Improvement of the independence in planning, designing, implementing new solutions based on the RouterOS system.
Testing and analysis of new concepts and assumptions without running at losses.
Exploring new, more effective tools for achieving
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