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Wireless & NetworkingServices
Wireless ISP Solution For Distribution of Bandwidth.

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Last Mile Point To Point Upto 70 Kms and can carry upto 200MB bandwidth.
Point To Multi Point within 6 Kms.
ISP and Telecom Last Mile Solution.
Wireless Equipment and Project solution.
Wireless Networking Solution.
VPN solution
Connecting Your Head office with your Branch office, Warehouse, Factory within a city and also multi-city.
Camera Surveillance
IP camera – access your locations at a Go with the Live IP.
PTZ camera – for quality images and video.
Voice, data and Video transmission through a centralized secure link.
CCTV   IP Camera
Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution
Wi-Fi Hotspot for Office, Colleges, Apartments, Shopping Mall and other public place with central authentication login server.
Authentication via user manager, sms gateway, security key
Router OS and User Manager
Realtime Management of Bandwidth.
Online Datebase management of the User with Live IP.
Multiple Gateway with upto 9 ports.
Multiple Login page.
Log Generation of clients at your end.
Remote control with easy real−time Windows application (WinBox).
Telnet/console/serial console control
 Network firewall with packet−filtering, masquerading, network address translation, logging and connection monitoring
DHCP support
Hotspot technology
Asynch PPP/RADIUS (up to 32 ports) for modem pools
IP- Telephony Gateway
Built in web proxy
Firewall Solution
Network firewalls keep outside threats away from sensitive data available inside the network.
Firewalls are used as a means of preventing or minimizing the security risks inherent in connecting to other networks.
Firewall solution along with port filtering.
MikroTik RouterOS implements wide firewalling features as well as masquerading capabilities, which allows you to hide your network infrastructure from outside world.
Building Enrollment for Wi5
Enroll your Residential building , Office or College/School campus with Blinket Wi5 service
Turn your building / campus into a wifi hotspot with Blinknet Broadband service
Partners   Partner Enrollment
Become Blinknet Chanel Partner.
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